• We pride ourselves on the large variety of classes we are able to offer from age 6 months to school leavers.

  • This is a great opportunity to introduce your child to gymnastics. Not only does the session help with the natural development process, it provides a safe/social environment for your young one to explore, have fun and begin their journey with British Gymnastics. Your child will have qualified coaches to work with, a bouncy castle to play on, gym equipment to explore and badges to work towards. 

    The cost of the session is £4 which includes a free hot drink for the adults. 

    These sessions run as follows

    Tuesday 0930hrs to 1100hrs

    Friday 0930hrs to 1100hrs


  • This group provides an introduction to gymnastics for children between the ages of 4 & 10 years old, accommodating both boys and girls.

    Classes are held as follows:

    Mixed - 4-6 years old:

    • Monday 1600hrs - 1730hrs
    • Wednesday 1600hrs - 1730hrs
    • Thursday 1600hrs - 1730hrs

    Girls - 7-10 years old:

    • Monday 1730hrs - 1900hrs
    • Wednesday 1730hrs - 1900hrs
    • Thursday 1730hrs - 1900hrs

    Boys - 6yrs +

    • Tuesday 1730hrs - 1900hrs
  • Intermediate

    Girls 10+

    • Monday & Wednesday - 1900hrs - 2030hrs

    Boys 10+

    • Tuesday - 1900hrs - 2030hrs


    • Thursday - 1900hrs - 2030hrs
  • Baby Gym

    Mixed - 2 1/2 yrs to 5yrs

    Saturday - 0900hrs - 1000hrs