• Holiday Camps
  • Holiday Camps at Wythall are GREAT fun!!!! Whether you are thinking of joining us or are already a member we have lots of sessions on offer!!

    In line with the current Covid-19 guidelines we are only running camps between the times of 9am-12:30pm - £20 per morning, discounts for siblings. 

    When restrictions in England are lifted we will run camps from 10am-4pm - £30 per day, discounts for siblings. 

    The gymnasts will participate in a warm which is full of fun games & stretches to prepare the body for different skills. The children will spend 30mins on 2 different pieces of equipment then they will have a 10-15min break. After, the gymnasts will complete the next 2 pieces and then will receive a lunch break. After the lunch break gymnasts will have another warm up - and will then move into 45mins of badge work where gymnasts are able to practice the skills on their badge sheets - moving into another little 10 min break ready for an hours free play. Subject to Covid-19 Restrictions within England

    Classes are supported by qualified coaches ranging from Level 3, 2 & 1 all of whom are DBS checked, have attended safeguarding & first aid training creating a safe & secure environment for all children, with the support of junior volunteer coaches. 

    For more information on these please email Jemma on enquirieswythallgym@gmail.com