• Pre-School Gymnastics Classes
  • Here at Wythall Gym our Pre-School recreational classes are a great introduction to gymnastics, making it a fun and enjoyable sport for children to try. With our great facilities we offer – asymmetric bars, floor, beam, vault, parallel bars & tumble. Along with these facilities we have many added pieces of equipment of – benches, springboards, trampettes, ribbons, blocks & spots!

    Each class begins with a 15-minute warm up taken by a coach, to ensure that the whole body is ready to complete the required gymnastic skills. The gymnasts will then be placed into different ability groups within their class, where they will then spend an amount of time each different piece of apparatus learning new skills, whilst having lots & lots of fun – on weeks 1, 2, 4, 5 & 7. 

    On weeks 3 & 6 the children will participate within a session called – badge week. As a club we follow British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards, which you can find online. Badge week is where we provide the children with skills to practice & develop their – balance, strength, coordination & agility. The children are required to complete different skills on the sheet to pass the badge overall, once achieved the children will be awarded with a certificate & small material badge & on Pre-School badge 1 a medal!!!

    On week 8, we invite the parents into the gym for the hour session to explore the facilities with their child(ren) to see the different things that they children have been learning. However, due to the current restrictions on COVID-19 we have been unable to do this. 

    Classes are supported by qualified coaches ranging from Level 3, 2 & 1 all of whom are DBS checked, have attended safeguarding & first aid training creating a safe & secure environment for all children, with the support of junior volunteer coaches. 

    If you have any more questions or wish to enquire for a class – please email Jemma on enquirieswythallgym@gmail.com.